The idea here is to create awareness on three fronts, nationally, locally, and within the country music industry.

Radio tracking nationally…

  • Throughout the entire process I submit weekly reports to radio on your behalf.  I will also supply you with weekly tracking reports. These reports will let you know what is going on with your song (who is considering it, who is playing it, and what the overall “feel” is for your project). At the end of the program you will receive a summary of your reports.

Radio Visitation …

  • I like to set up visits for my clients at local radio. The purpose here is twofold:
    (1) to develop a relationship with the local music director (You never know
         where he or she may end up…music directors move from station to station
         all the time.), and
    (2) to promote both my artist and the local MD. It is advisable for all my clients
         to take a camera with them and have a picture taken with the both of you. I
         will in turn use this for promo purposes.

Industry Exposure

  • This is an industry which is based on relationships. It is very important for all my “new industry” clients to have their faces / profiles presented to the music industry in a professional manner. Please pass on to me any press releases, interviews, lives shows or upcoming events that will help me introduce you to radio.
  • I recommend taking an ad in industry trade magazines such as Country Music News and the online FYI Music News right away to get your name and face out there.