Hey Lauren!
“…I have paid other people for tracking and had to pry the tracking reports out of them and still never received them. You are a true professional at what you do and it shows. I am sure you and I and Angela will be working together for a while to come! Thanx again for all you are doing in getting us back up and on the charts. Hope all is well.”
Julian Austin (www.julianaustin.com)

"Professional - effective - organized - these are a few words that describe the excellent tracking abilities and communication received by Lauren Tutty. I have not seen a tracking report this thorough since seeing the tracking reports that Neal McCoy used to receive and I look forward with anticipation to working with Lauren in the near future."
Donny Parenteau (www.donnyparenteau.net)

"Lauren Tutty brings tracking to a whole new level! She gave us detailed reports, got us interviews at new stations,and really gave us personalized service! Thanks, Dean"
FASTER GUN (www.fastergun.com)

"Concise tracking reports and detailed lists of contacts, made working with Lauren great. Our single charted nationally across the country and we were able to gain new fans in places we have never travelled. Thank you, Lauren."
Ryan Cook (www.ryancook.ca)

“We had Lauren Tutty work our single "Tail lights and Love"…we highly recommend her to anyone in the industry looking for someone to work their songs at radio.”
DESERT HEAT (www.desertheatmusic.com)

"Lester was thrilled with the tracking service provided by Lauren Tutty Promotions, she guaranteed us effective and timely services on which she carried through. During our initial contract with Lauren she secured several radio interviews that coincided with our tour schedule for us and provided us with accurate tracking reports."
LESTER (www.lestercountry.com)

“Lauren has provided invaluable assistance with her efficiency and knowledge of the industry. We have been very impressed with the level of service and the attention to detail that Lauren has provided over the past 7 months.”
Clare Mullen for Brenda Mullen (www.brendamullen.com)

“…She is true to her word with providing accurate and reliable weekly reports. Lauren works hard for the song and the artist. I have a great peace knowing that my releases are professionally managed by someone who sincerely cares about my career. She is a true blessing in today’s music industry!”
Bonita Mercer (www.bonitamercer.com)

“I just want to tell you that if you are looking for someone who is going to work hard for you and will bend over backwards to get you that interview, or to get your song played on the radio, Lauren is the one. I look forward to working with Lauren again very soon.”
Susan Layton

“…We felt Lauren strongly promoted Cassey's music to radio and she helped set up interviews with stations as well. We are definitely looking forward to working with Lauren again.”
Shelley Asmussen for Cassie Young 

"Lauren gave us excellent service, and her knowledge of the industry showed throughout our time working with her. I would recommend Lauren with no hesitation, and would not think twice about using her services again in the near future. Thank you Lauren."
Aaron Shane